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As a qualified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator practitioner I regularly use CPP. Their commitment to excellence, customer service and satisfaction, as well as professional courtesy is impeccable. The dedicated attention I receive from my personal customer representative is invaluable and a time saver. Recently, I became a SkillsOne® user; having a dedicated website to process my assessments. This is an indispensable tool in working more effectively with my clients. Kudos to CPP and their committed staff who make life as a consultant easier!

Phil White
Senior Pastor
Calhoun Seventh-day Adventist Church

As a consultant to the financial industry, I have used CPP for several years and the customer service goes beyond expectations. I administer self-scorable assessments with my clients but most recently started using the on-line versions through SkillsOne. As a road-warrior I had been putting this transition off thinking how time consuming it might be to learn. I could not have been more wrong! Even before I received the email with the instructions, I was on-line exploring my account, it's that easy. It is effortless to set up, modify, administer, and track results of my clients, allowing me to gain back valuable time.

Andrea E. Schlapia
Vice President, Executive Coach
Advanced Sales Group
DWS Scudder Distributors, Inc.

Southwest Airlines uses SkillsOne® and the MBTI® Complete assessment for Employee development. SkillsOne® makes it easy to access my account and our clients' files. I'm very pleased with the service that Skills One has provided.

Scott T. Powell
Manager of Training, API
Southwest Airlines

SkillsOne® has allowed me to easily leverage the power of the MBTI instrument. It is an integral tool that I use all the time. The simplicity of SkillsOne® and the professional level of output I get from it jumpstarted my ability to dramatically increase my coaching effectiveness and efficiency.

Brad Dolbec
Capital One

As a leadership coach, I rely on assessments to help my clients deepen their self awareness. SkillsOne® has made it easy for my clients to access assessments online and it also brings a professional image to my practice. I rely on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the FIRO-B to enhance my clients' growth. The array of educational books and tools available through CPP continue to enhance my development as a coach. I consider CPP an important partner in my practice.

Cary Kelly
Coaching for Personal & Professional Excellence

The SkillsOne site is absolutely fabulous! The simple design and easy operations make it very easy to use, both for me and my clients. Generating reports is quick and simple and the site is very reliable. It is definitely an asset for us in our Leadership Development initiative at Noble Drilling Services Inc., especially when considering that a significant portion of our population is not very computer savvy.

Rick Vannatta
Leadership Development Specialist
Noble Drilling

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